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Preface                                           5 Contacting Micro Focus Fortify Customer Support                      5 For More Information                                   5 About the Documentation Set                               5 Fortify Product Feature Videos                               5

Change Log                                          6

Chapter 1: Introduction                                  7 About Fortify Plugins for JetBrains IDEs and Android Studio                7

Related Documents                                    8 All Products                                      8 Micro Focus Fortify ScanCentral SAST                          9 Micro Focus Fortify Software Security Center                       9 Micro Focus Fortify Static Code Analyzer                         10

Chapter 2: Using the Fortify Analysis Plugin                        11

About the Fortify Analysis Plugin Installation                       11 Installing the Fortify Analysis Plugin                         11 Uninstalling the Fortify Analysis Plugin                        12

Fortify Security Content                               12 Updating Fortify Security Content                          13 Updating Fortify Security Content on a Network that uses a Proxy Server         13

About Analyzing the Source Code                            14

About Scanning Locally                               14 Setting Memory for Code Analysis                          15 Setting the Query Language Type                          15 Selecting the Fortify Security Content to Apply During Analysis             15 Using Quick Scan Mode                              16 Excluding Dependent Modules from Analysis                     16 Specifying Additional Fortify Static Code Analyzer Options               17 Synchronizing with Fortify Software Security Center                  18

Scanning Projects Locally                              18 Performing an Advanced Local Scan                         20

About Scanning with Fortify ScanCentral SAST                    23 Configuring Fortify ScanCentral SAST Options                   24 Scanning Projects with Fortify ScanCentral SAST                  27 Performing an Advanced Scan with Fortify ScanCentral SAST             28

Uploading Analysis Results to Fortify Software Security Center              32 Locating Analysis Plugin Log Files                          33

Chapter 3: Using the Fortify Remediation Plugin                     34

About the Fortify Remediation Plugin Installation                    34 Installing the Fortify Remediation Plugin                       34 Uninstalling the Fortify Remediation Plugin                      35

Opening Fortify Software Security Center Application Versions            35

Viewing Audit Results                                   36 Grouping and Selecting Issues                             37 Grouping Issues                                    38

Viewing Issue Information                                  39 Audit Tab                                        39 Recommendations Tab                                  40 Details Tab                                        40 History Tab                                       41

Assigning Users to Issues                                 41 Assigning Tags to Issues                                 41 Adding Comments to Issues                                42 Customizing Issue Visibility                                42

Searching for Issues                                    43 Search Modifiers                                    43

Locating Issues in your Source Code                          49 Locating Remediation Plugin Log Files                         49

Send Documentation Feedback                              50



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