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Software Version: 21.2.0 Windows® operating systems

Installation and Usage Guide

Document Release Date: November 2021 Software Release Date: November 2021

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Preface                                                7 Contacting Micro Focus Fortify Customer Support                        7 For More Information                                       7 About the Documentation Set                                   7 Fortify Product Feature Videos                                  7

Change Log                                             8

Chapter 1: About the License and Infrastructure Manager                     10 Understanding Concurrent Licenses                              10 Understanding License Seats and Leases                            10 Understanding Detached Leases                                10 Understanding License Pools                                  11

Related Documents                                       11 All Products                                         11 Micro Focus Fortify ScanCentral DAST                            12 Micro Focus Fortify WebInspect                               12 Micro Focus Fortify WebInspect Enterprise                         14

Chapter 2: Preparing Windows Server and Installing the LIM                   15 Locating the Installation File                                  15

Preparing to Install the LIM                                    15 Installing IIS, ASP.NET, and .NET Framework                         16 HTTPS Binding Required                                   16

Installing the LIM                                         16 Initializing the LIM                                        17

Accessing the LIM Admin Console                                19 Getting Help                                         19

Troubleshooting the LIM Installation                              19

Chapter 3: LIM on Docker                                       23 What is Docker?                                          23 Benefits of Docker                                         23 Supported Version                                         23 Audience                                              23 Setting Up Docker                                         23 Process for Getting and Starting a LIM Docker Image                      24 About the Docker Image                                      25 Downloading a Fortify LIM Docker Image                             25

Configuring the Environment File                                25 Variables to Set                                        25 Sample LIM Environment File                                 27 What's next?                                         27

Running the Container                                     27 Sample Docker Run Commands                               27 Accessing the Container UI                                 28 Understanding the Docker CLI Options                           28

Chapter 4: Using the LIM                                      30 Getting Started                                         30

Server Configuration                                       30 Activating or Updating the LIM                                30 Activating a New Installation                               31 Updating the Application                                 31 Activating Offline                                     31 Configuring a Proxy Server                                  31 Configuring Email Notifications                                32

Offline Activation                                        33 Creating the Request File                                   33 Sending the Request to Micro Focus                             33 Submitting the Response File to the LIM                           34

Administrative Users                                       34 Adding an Administrator                                   34 Editing an Administrator's Account                              34 Removing an Administrator                                  35

Logging Out                                         35

Editing Your LIM Administrator Account                            35 Editing Your Account                                     35

Product Licenses                                         36 Server-type Licenses                                      36 Adding a License                                        36 Adding a License Pool                                     36 Forcing a License Refresh                                   37 Removing a License                                      37

Product License Details                                     37 Viewing Product License Details                               37 Editing a Pool                                         38

License Pools                                           38 Creating a License Pool                                    38 Adding a License to a Pool                                   39 Editing a License Pool                                     39 Modifying Number of Seats for a License                           39

Current Product Usage                                     39 Viewing License Details                                    40 Viewing Current Activity for a Product                            40

Current Activity                                         40 Information Displayed                                     40 Available Actions                                       41 Releasing a Seat                                        41 Revoking a Seat                                        41 Releasing All Seats                                      42

Lease History                                          42 Information Displayed                                    42 Refreshing the Page                                     43

Data Migration                                         43

Backing Up and Restoring the LIM                               44 Task 1: Copy the LIM                                     44 Task 2: Restore the LIM onto Another Server                        44 Task 3: Activate the Restored Application                          45 Task 4: Refresh Product Licenses                              45 Task 5: Verify License Pools and Tokens                           45

Task 6: Configure Clients to Use New Server                         45 Alternative Back-Up Strategy                                 46

LIM Troubleshooting                                      46 Required components not installed                             46 LIM installer appears to stop responding                          46 LIM initializer appears to stop responding                          47 Service fails to start at initialize                               47 LIM cannot activate its license (manual process)                      49 LIM receives message during activation that all instances are in use             49 Error message indicates that the token is not valid for the product             49 LIM cannot activate a concurrently licensed product                    50 LIM does not release expired leases automatically                      50 LIM does not refresh licenses automatically                         51 LIM does not refresh licenses manually                           51 Windows service not executing automated tasks                      51 Help File errors on open – message specifies HTTPS required               52 Annoying message bar pops up from IE every time LIM menu is moused over        53

Send Documentation Feedback                                  54



Contacting Micro Focus Fortify Customer Support

Visit the Support website to:

Verify the existence of the network service account and its activity status.

One possible solution is to enable permission to the service account to access the LIM virtual directories or the underlying website. Consult your Windows documentation for assistance in adding users or groups to a site.

Another possible solution is to update the Windows service to run with an account allowed by the site. This can be an account specifically created to access the LIM site virtual directories and no others.

The account will need to be added to the allowed list for the virtual directories. On the machine where the LIM is installed:

  1. Open Windows Service Manager: Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Services.

  2. Identify the Fortify License and Infrastructure Manager Agent Service.

  3. Check the service status.

  4. If the service is not running, try to start the service. If it does not start, verify that the path to the executable (HP.AppSec.LIM.Agent.exe) is valid.

  5. Open the referenced directory and confirm that the file exists. If not valid, consult Windows documentation for instructions on changing the path.

  6. If the service is running, open the LIM agent and LIM service logs and look for recent entries stating that the service cannot be contacted (scheme incorrect, site not available, access denied, etc). If the site requires SSL, verify that the web-config file specifies the correct protocol (HTTPS and not HTTP):

    1. Verify the {drive}:\<lim_install_dir>\Bin\HP.AppSec.Lim.Agent.exe.config

      has been updated to require SSL on the three lines specifying URLs:

      • LeaseServiceUrl

      • HP.AppSec.Lim.Agent.Properties.Settings - HP_AppSec_Lim_Agent_AgentTaskService

      • HP.AppSec.Lim.Agent.Properties.Settings - HP_AppSec_Lim_Agent_AgentTaskService_ AgentTaskService

    2. Update the LIM's web.config file to require HTTPS:

  1. On the LIM server, go to the directory where LIM is installed.

  2. Open the web.config file.

  3. Update the line add key="Http Protocol" to change “http” to “https” (or reverse).

Help File errors on open – message specifies HTTPS required

During initialization or post-initialization, the LIM administration site was configured to require HTTPS and required changes were not made to the Help file configuration. Simply changing the URL to use https:// from http:// will overcome the problem short term.

For a longer-term solution:

  1. On the LIM server, go to the directory where LIM is installed.

  2. Open the web.config file.

  3. Update the line add key="Http Protocol" to change “http” to “https” (or reverse).

Note: On sites where SSL is enabled but not required, the pop-up will always occur with one scheme http or https.

Annoying message bar pops up from IE every time LIM menu is moused over

The menu expects either SSL or non-SSL connectivity, depending upon the site setup. This can be changed by editing the LIMadmin page's web.config. By default, the web.config expects an SSL connection for the menu. This typically occurs on sites where SSL was not required, and users are connecting to the Admin pages using HTTP.

  1. On the LIM server, go to the directory where LIM is installed.

  2. Open the web.config file.

  3. Update the line add key="Http Protocol" to change “http” to “https” (or reverse).

Note: On sites where SSL is enabled but not required, the popup will always occur with one scheme http or https.

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